Helping Others

Sometimes all that holds you back from completing the Platinum Chest Daily Reward is completing a Task for someone, unless you want to keep joining endless programs you end up not even using.


I got in the habit of looking at the Twitter Tasks, because they are so simple (even the ones for very low token rewards) just to get these done. Lately I have been finding them empty!


That prompted me to realize I need to do my part, if I expect others to help me out too. It takes very little effort to visit the Token Ads and click a dozen of them, then create your own task to Retweet one of your Twitter posts. When someone claims your Tokens, visit their Twitter account and your Retweet should show up, so you can approve them.

If you don’t have a Twitter Account, it’s my opinion this is a good enough reason to get one. They are free and you can have one just for this purpose if you don’t want to use your main account like I do.

Another point to consider, is this can help with your Reputation Score on Traffic Swirl so you can keep it higher.

Think It Over!

Firefox Gestures

You already know (if you look around here) that I am a fanatic about Tokens. I get all kinds of referrals (both paid and free) by bribing people to take action from a Task they complete and pay them with Tokens I get for free.

It takes a while to get started building your Token balance enough to take advantage of this, so here’s a little trick to help.

Marketplace Pricing

calculateDON’T GUESS!
When you go to buy or sell anything in the Traffic Swirl Marketplace, have your calculator handy. It never ceases to amaze me how far out some the prices get on there. I am not going to use any actual prices here (because they change constantly), but let me just say I have seen the same item offered for 10 times as much as another offer on the same page.

It’s a simple task to punch in the price in Tokens and divide by the quantity offered to get a price per item that you can easily compare. I must admit that before I realized how confusing this can be, I fell for buying overpriced items as well as listing so high they sit there doing you no good until the listing expires. Take the time to get it right.

Another tip, don’t think you need to list everything in one shot. Pick the quantity to show up between two overpriced offers and it can sell a lot faster and still get you more Tokens. Just don’t get greedy and end up stuck. I earn these prizes so fast I just look for quick turns so I can use the Tokens to get referrals by offering Tasks with big fat rewards.

I have my laptop out when I sit and watch TV, which can produce thousands of Tokens made in the Marketplace the next day.

Let me know if you need help.

What to Promote?

Let’s assume you have dug into all the little crooks and crannies on this blog and found every little trick you can use to increase your Tokens.

What should you use them for?
I spend half an hour a day or more looking at ads on Traffic Swirl and I am in awe at how many people just don’t get it.

Some of them must not even bother to check the URL they submit to make sure it works, because I see a lot of error messages or just plain blank pages. These credits are NOT FREE!!! You spend time to earn them, so make them count.

slick-salesThen there are the ads that give NO INFORMATION and still ask for you to give them yours, or stuff that is obviously part of a con game that I can’t believe anyone is sucker enough to fall for.

Oh well, it’s their credits they are spending.

But to get to the point, I would hope that the object for us all, is to eventually make more money. If you follow any of the big money makers online, you should notice that the secret to accomplishing this goal is clearly visible.

  • Uncover a problem people have.
  • Research out a solution for it.
  • Show a Page leading to that solution
  • Follow Up with even more to build trust.
  • Keep a list of those you have helped.

It really is just that simple and anyone can do it.

Click Here for a Simple Example

The problem this addresses, is the endless search for more money and the frustration felt when things don’t work like you expect.

Go back and look at the ads you are running and see if you can answer the question, “What problem will this solve?” before you throw more credits at it.

Have fun!

Posting Tasks


It may seem obvious, but a few seconds can save you from posting an ad that is not only worthless, but can cast a bad light on your reputation. In fact this applies to ANY link you post online for any reason.

I browse through the Tasks to join programs looking for good opportunities to earn Tokens and it’s crazy how often I see Tasks with links that don’t work (or often not even there), which at the very least are going to forfeit the Tokens that it costs to post the ad and certainly won’t get any positive result.

Whenever you post any link, take a few seconds to highlight and copy it so you can paste it into a new browser tab or window to MAKE SURE IT WORKS.

The easy way is to leave your cursor at the end and hold shift, then press Home. Type a Ctrl+C to copy, then open a new Tab and press Ctrl+V to paste it into the address bar.

If this saves one person from making this mistake, it will be worth posting this!

Happy Clicking!

Increasing Traffic

sites Would you like to see more traffic to one web page each day?

It’s a simple fact you can test, but you get better results from any GOOD page by having it show up more often during anyone’s surfing session. The simple solution is to put it in your websites to be shown multiple times.

I carried that one step further by incorporating another tip I showed earlier and created a different short descriptive title for each thumbnail. That way if anyone does happen to visit my profile and mouse over the thumbnails, they get more than one benefit mentioned.

No, it’s not going to have a huge effect on conversions, but it only takes a few seconds so why not?

Happy Clicking!

Hyperlinks in Comments

Make It Easy It’s common knowledge that most people online are lazy and if you don’t make it simple for them, they simply move on.

Making comments on profiles is a great way to build trust and provide help, but you can’t post a link to a website UNLESS you check the box to post privately.

Make sure you don’t use this to spam people!

However, if it is used as a way to provide help most people are not going to complain. To be sure, you can ask first.

Happy Clicking!