Finding Active Contacts

Glad To Meet You After You Realize that Traffic Swirl is a Social Network as well as a traffic exchange, you will probably notice that not everyone is actively interested in meeting others.

In fact, some are not active hardly at all! They may blindly surf a few pages and post theirs for others to see, but if you visit their profile you will find nothing of value.

One way to get a hand up toward finding the good ones, is when you surf at least 50 pages each day a page shows for you to claim a ticket to a drawing (why not?).


After you claim yours, scroll down and you will be shown a list of all the winners from the day before. (I blurred this for privacy)


Now ask yourself, do you think a few of these might just be ACTIVE? Click their name and look over their profile, then make a comment that makes them think you are the real deal (not another spammer) and see where it goes.

See you online!

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