Generating Free Website Traffic

If the point of joining a free traffic exchange is to generate free website traffic, why would anyone want to spend money for an upgrade? It’s Not Free After That, or is it?

I wrestled with this question for many years, but after spending some time on Traffic Swirl my attitude has completely changed. At first I compared the different accounts by clicking Account and selecting Upgrade on the menu, but I kept telling myself I have more time than money and stayed a free member.

When Do Upgrades Make Sense?

I noticed that I could save up Tokens and buy an upgrade in the Marketplace (making it free), so I tried that and WOW, my credits and Tokens started building much faster.

My next step was to save up enough to get the 90 Day Pro with Tokens and finally I saw an offer to use CASH ($27) to get a 6 Months Pro and jumped on it.

My reasoning was at that price it was only $4.50 a month instead of dropping 5,760 Tokens (or more) for each month and I have been doing much better at making money with those Tokens. I also noticed that the six month price turned out to be a subscription on PayPal, so I assume I get that price as long as I keep the subscription. That’s a No-Brainer!

Now here’s the real Deal Maker. In the eight months since I joined (the first two I did very little) I have more than made up the cost with bonus prizes and referral commissions.

At least at this point, I don’t expect to make a huge profit from Traffic Swirl, but as long as I can pay for my advertising I will be a happy camper, wouldn’t you?

A lot of my success I attribute to setting up this blog, which drives me to learn more to write about here and it seems to be getting easier. Just so you know, my expense sheet for this would show about $10 for the domain name and $12 for hosting for a whole year!

Pretty cheap advertising if you ask me.

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