GravatarTraffic Swirl uses the FREE Gravatar system to display our photo on their website. It can be a little tricky to get set up, but it provides many more rewards if you accomplish it (such as the hover card you can see if you click the image).

Understanding that it is a companion resource to a FREE Blog is half the battle, so set up a free blog FIRST using the same email address you signed up to Traffic Swirl with, then add your Gravatar and it becomes simple. Click Here if you need more help.

Just as a side note, you want this free blog so you can use a Gravatar, so don’t start spamming opportunities all over it or you can lose it overnight.

My main purpose was to have my photo on Traffic Swirl, so I picked an image that stands out from the crowd to brand myself. The more that happens, the more people pick you as the Secret Agent or give free stuff to you, so it really does make a difference. I get all kinds of comments on that fish along with many free rewards that could have easily pass me by if I used some abstract cartoon or a photo that doesn’t stand out.

The other big benefit is when you come across Blogs that support the Gravatar system, it makes it easy to add a comment that stands out and automatically links back to your profile where you can gain more interest. If you are going to make money online today, you need to stand out!

10 thoughts on “Gravatars

  1. Using Gravatars for confirming accounts only show us the real people instead of just fake IDs which never surf or show up. I learn how to create my own gravatar from traffic swirl and Now I am very happy to show my rael face to the world

  2. Thought provoking article, will be revisiting gravatar again to check out what can be done, wasnt part of wordpress when i signed up years ago

  3. hi Warren (?)
    it’s a very good collection about TrafficSwirl (one of my best TE I use). you write a lot about picture and socialize, but hard to find you (your picture) in this site. if I were U I putted my face on every sites!

  4. Gravatar is really good thing. First I thought: why do I need to register on another site if I want my pic on Traffic Swirl? But anyway, I did it and now I’m really happy, because Gravatar is not only for TS. Mostly I register with the same e-mail on various sites, and if they use Gravatar, I don’t have to care about my pic anymore.
    And in your blog is good info for those who doesn’t know what is Gravatar. Great work.

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