Helping Others

Sometimes all that holds you back from completing the Platinum Chest Daily Reward is completing a Task for someone, unless you want to keep joining endless programs you end up not even using.


I got in the habit of looking at the Twitter Tasks, because they are so simple (even the ones for very low token rewards) just to get these done. Lately I have been finding them empty!


That prompted me to realize I need to do my part, if I expect others to help me out too. It takes very little effort to visit the Token Ads and click a dozen of them, then create your own task to Retweet one of your Twitter posts. When someone claims your Tokens, visit their Twitter account and your Retweet should show up, so you can approve them.

If you don’t have a Twitter Account, it’s my opinion this is a good enough reason to get one. They are free and you can have one just for this purpose if you don’t want to use your main account like I do.

Another point to consider, is this can help with your Reputation Score on Traffic Swirl so you can keep it higher.

Think It Over!

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