Marketplace Pricing

calculateDON’T GUESS!
When you go to buy or sell anything in the Traffic Swirl Marketplace, have your calculator handy. It never ceases to amaze me how far out some the prices get on there. I am not going to use any actual prices here (because they change constantly), but let me just say I have seen the same item offered for 10 times as much as another offer on the same page.

It’s a simple task to punch in the price in Tokens and divide by the quantity offered to get a price per item that you can easily compare. I must admit that before I realized how confusing this can be, I fell for buying overpriced items as well as listing so high they sit there doing you no good until the listing expires. Take the time to get it right.

Another tip, don’t think you need to list everything in one shot. Pick the quantity to show up between two overpriced offers and it can sell a lot faster and still get you more Tokens. Just don’t get greedy and end up stuck. I earn these prizes so fast I just look for quick turns so I can use the Tokens to get referrals by offering Tasks with big fat rewards.

I have my laptop out when I sit and watch TV, which can produce thousands of Tokens made in the Marketplace the next day.

Let me know if you need help.

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