Mouse Trick for Less Carpal Tunnel


If you have a tendency toward Carpal Tunnel or any other Repetitive Stress Syndrome, I finally figured out it was the MOUSE (not the keyboard)that was the main culprit in my case.

I simply took an old 3 ring binder and held it on my lap with the slant going away from me and ran my optical mouse on that instead of the desk. My elbow rests on the armrest of my chair, so all the stress is relaxed in my wrist and forearm.

Sure I still need to take a break or shake out my arm every so often, but it made a huge difference in how many pages I can view without causing any problems.

I know not everyone is going to view a couple thousand pages a day like I do, but this might relieve the tension for a lot of people, no matter how many they do.

Happy Clicking!

P.S. Yes I surf in my bathrobe!

One thought on “Mouse Trick for Less Carpal Tunnel

  1. Warren,thanks a lot for informing us about that useful trick!I am waiting for other interesting posts from you!Have a great happy clicking and a lot of success in your biz!

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