NetBook Touchpad


I am working on my NetBook while on vacation and it has one of those touchpads instead of a mouse. It’s not a problem, except sometimes when I touch it to move the cursor it thinks I am tapping and Traffic Swirl complains that I chose the wrong image!

The work around is to drag the cursor off the surf bar each time and when you want to go back, come up from underneath the proper image. Problem solved and it adds very little effort, since moving the cursor with a fingertip is so easy.

Not a big deal and some will never have the problem, but it drove me nuts for a while. Besides, I need to blog about something easy while I am away.

Happy Clicking!

One thought on “NetBook Touchpad

  1. Interesting sidenote: Since I wrote this post I got a new Win 8.1 Tough Screen Laptop and now it’s REALLY easy, I just tap the correct image and it goes to the next page. I can also scroll up the screen to find buttons I need to press (like the shell game). Pretty slick.

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