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Friends Are FunThe More Friends You Have, The More Fun It Is!

Let’s face it, clicking on a traffic exchange can often become boring and drive you away if you don’t have anything to make it interesting. Adding someone to your friends list is a simple one click operation, but Traffic Swirl doesn’t seem to have any way to make that worth doing (unless you count the Social Badge).

One thing I have started doing is adding their profile to a Bookmark in my browser. I sort them into folders, then when I have a reason to go find someone it’s easy to accomplish. See if that might add to your enjoyment online too.

Happy Clicking!

One thought on “Online Friends

  1. Hi Warren,

    I think bookmarking profiles is such an awesome idea. I’m going to implement that idea
    right away.

    That’s really thinking outside the box.

    Have an Awesome Day,

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