Posting Tasks


It may seem obvious, but a few seconds can save you from posting an ad that is not only worthless, but can cast a bad light on your reputation. In fact this applies to ANY link you post online for any reason.

I browse through the Tasks to join programs looking for good opportunities to earn Tokens and it’s crazy how often I see Tasks with links that don’t work (or often not even there), which at the very least are going to forfeit the Tokens that it costs to post the ad and certainly won’t get any positive result.

Whenever you post any link, take a few seconds to highlight and copy it so you can paste it into a new browser tab or window to MAKE SURE IT WORKS.

The easy way is to leave your cursor at the end and hold shift, then press Home. Type a Ctrl+C to copy, then open a new Tab and press Ctrl+V to paste it into the address bar.

If this saves one person from making this mistake, it will be worth posting this!

Happy Clicking!

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