We need to stay in touch with those we can help, as well as those who can help us.

Skype is the best communication method I have found yet! It’s free and it does more than you would take the time to read if I included it here, so just GET IT!

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SIDENOTE: Since I wrote this page, I discovered that you can run version 5.5 of Skype with many benefits over the newest Microsoft flavor. Contact me if you would like a copy for yourself.

Once you get Skype installed, make sure you leave your status as Online so people can message you even if you are not there! It will leave a little icon in your Taskbar to notify you. I leave mine Online except when I am shooting a video and never feel like it is a bother.

If you get people that do bother you, it’s simple to block them and you can set your configuration to only receive calls from those you want. Most of the time I just use it for text chat.

If you have a reason to contact someone fast, this is almost as good as a phone call if they are online.

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