chatMany Traffic Exchanges now include a Chat so members can socialize while they surf, but I found a better way.

Using the Chat is mostly idle chit chat and often distracting, but if you hang out long enough opportunities will surface. They don’t take long to be pushed down off the window, so you need to check often. Also notice at the top of the frame there is a button to change the focus to Notifications or Team Chat if you prefer.

Then as I surf, I watch for meaningful opportunities to leave a comment on someone’s profile that I would like to connect with. A quick thank you for something they did, asking about a site they promote, offering to help in some way. I find this can build real contacts and not just more distractions.

If they reply, it shows up in my notifications and I can respond appropriately or even escalate it to a Skype chat with far greater power and impact.

Also the surf bar has several social icons indicating other ways you can connect, so use them. If you click on the person’s name, it takes you to their profile where you can learn more about them before you try to make contact.

socialMy favorites are APSense and Skype (red arrows) for the best connections. The Internet has evolved into more of a social platform than an advertising venue and if you want real success you need to make that adjustment yourself.

This is just a start and as you increase activity you will see even more opportunities to broaden your exposure to a personal level.

See You On Traffic Swirl!

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