Surfing Speed


Let’s face it, when you are clicking for credits you want to get all you can in as short a time as possible.

With Traffic Swirl there are several timers available, starting with an 8 second timer for free members and ending at my favorite, a four second Timer Turbo you can receive as a reward or purchase with Tokens.

Well I should qualify that statement, my REAL favorite is during Power Hour, where we get a 5 second timer FOR FREE! You never know when it is available, so check often.

However the timer I use the most is for Pro Members and it’s a 6 second timer that lasts as long as you are upgraded. You can pay $9.77 a month (less for longer periods). There are also discount periods when you can grab a lower price if you catch one.

The sweet part is you can save up Tokens and upgrade with them so you have no out of pocket expense at all.

If you do upgrade you not only get the 6 second timer, but you earn double the credits too. I think it’s well worth it if you are going to surf much and I do.

If you have limited time to surf yourself, here’s a video that details a routine you can use to earn lots of Tokens without surfing much.

SIDENOTE: I usually spend at least a few hours watching TV with the family, but it’s not hard to have my laptop running to view pages at the same time. It’s not a high attention demanding activity.

Have Fun Clicking!

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