Surfing Team

gro_08If you are going to surf anyway, WHY NOT?

By surfing, I mean you are committed to viewing 1,000 pages a day or more. Not that you can’t take a break once in a while, but if you can’t contribute to the team why would you want to be there?

Getting on a top team can be very rewarding, so I think it’s worth considering. I have been on several over the years, but don’t have that much time to surf right now.

The problem is the teams that do the best, are usually maxed out with 15 members, but don’t let that stop you! The first step is to prove to yourself and others who are watching that you CAN and WILL surf 1,000 pages a day. Once you do it for a few days, go ahead and apply to one of the teams, even if it’s already full.

When you do that, your record for the last two days will show to your potential team leader and if they are looking for serious members, they can bump someone from the bottom and plug you in.

Don’t try for the very top to start with, but look for a team that needs your help. If you watch the Chat, you can often see the leaders (like Classylady) that are looking. Once you get accepted, keep up with your surfing and you will build a reputation that can leverage you into one of the higher teams later on if you decide to move.

Tell her that oldbuddy sent you and it might help.

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