The one thing that sets Traffic Swirl apart from any other traffic exchange I know of, is Tokens and a Marketplace to buy and sell them.

Here is a video that shows why:

4 thoughts on “Tokens

  1. I have used the Marketplace several times now and have been quite successful with it. I am LOVING Traffic Swirl!!

  2. I want to Thank You for original material and introducing me to Traffic Swirl I have found it to be the best TE and don’t think I can find a better one since I started surfing it.

  3. Thanks for introducing me to Traffic Swirl. I normally hate TEs but I have to confess to enjoying and being intrigued by Traffic Swirl. What a change!!

  4. Hey Buddy,
    Become to know more about Traffic Swirl from your blog. thanks for the cooperation. Like to see more here.

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