Traffic Swirl Problems

You May Know This, but if you don’t it could cost you a lot of wasted time. Have you been surfing page views and had the Icons start to show, then freeze? You can wait for them, but that can take forever (at least it seems so).


All you need is enough to identify which Icon matches, then just click where it should be and it will advance. It takes practice, but I don’t need much to recognize them anymore. Sometimes I spot the three I don’t need, so that makes the missing one obviously it.

If you look at the bottom orange bar on the right, it will tell you if you picked wrong and didn’t get credit. Just remember you don’t get credit for prize pages anyway. In fact it tells you Ooops, you picked a wrong image if you did.

If you ever click and nothing happens, wait a second and firmly click again, but if it still won’t advance refresh your browser and it will skip that page. If you don’t know how to do a refresh, search Google using your browser name and refresh.

Another thing that seems to help me is run your browser in Privacy Mode (sometimes called Incognito) so it won’t take time to store cookies or get plugged up with unnecessary files. Of course you should clear your cookies and cache before you start and even do a Disk Cleanup from Windows if you haven’t for a while.

If this is all Greek to you, I will be glad to give you some personal mentoring if you like.

See you Clickin’

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