Traffic Swirl Shell Game

This is one of my favorite games, because it’s fast, free and exact for me.


When I see it I scroll down to see the shells and pick the middle one every time, it is now a reaction.


Then just as quickly I scroll down and click Take The Prize.


It has always paid off one treasure chest.


My primary agenda on Traffic Swirl is to collect Tokens and one Treasure Chest can be sold in the Marketplace for more Tokens than I can earn by spending valuable time trying to win more and possibly losing everything.

6 thoughts on “Traffic Swirl Shell Game

  1. Hi Warren,

    Having been a member for a long time, but not active at all, it was due to your upbeat feeling about trafficswirl that I decided to take a second look and have since spent more than an hour a day here. I enjoy the various things to do, like reading blogs and love the surprises popping up while I surf, including the shell game. I have even won (like I see you regularly do) some treasure chests too. I usually, however, play two of the shells and have only lost out once, when I played all three…

    Thanks for the share , old buddy…

  2. Hi Warren

    I love the shell game, and you’re actually playing it right. I used to play every game as far as I could go and about 1 in 5 times I’d reach level 5 and win cash. Now I take the chest at level one, because at the end of the days surf it amounts to a whole lot of treasure :0) I love treasure!

    Interesting read, thank you.

  3. Hi There!

    When I play the shell game I always choose the Left hand one and with the same result! So I’m kinda thinking that you must ALWAYS win on your first pick no matter which shell you choose. As you, at that point I ‘cash’ in. One bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, as they say!… Thanks for highlighting what works for you and through what you do Swirl has a keen collector in its tokens that it wouldn’t otherwise had had, me!

    To Your Continued ‘Shelling Success’

    Paul Reynolds.

  4. Hi Warren,
    the Shell Game is not my favorite game; there are some extra clicks necessary to play the game while I want to surf only. It is somehow interrupting my “click flow”. Whereas the Rapid Win Game or the Secret Agent only need one extra click the Shell Game also forces me to scroll (on my screen). Some times I leave it without choosing one of the shells – depending on my mood.

    • I get those two extra clicks before the timer runs out, so at least it’s not extra time. I agree on the Secret Agent, but the odds of guessing right are very low and the Rapid Pick takes away picks I could sell in the Marketplace for a guaranteed return instead of a chance at a drawing. To each his own.

  5. shell game is shell…but one click+take a pri…=good game…not interesting game….

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