What to Promote?

Let’s assume you have dug into all the little crooks and crannies on this blog and found every little trick you can use to increase your Tokens.

What should you use them for?
I spend half an hour a day or more looking at ads on Traffic Swirl and I am in awe at how many people just don’t get it.

Some of them must not even bother to check the URL they submit to make sure it works, because I see a lot of error messages or just plain blank pages. These credits are NOT FREE!!! You spend time to earn them, so make them count.

slick-salesThen there are the ads that give NO INFORMATION and still ask for you to give them yours, or stuff that is obviously part of a con game that I can’t believe anyone is sucker enough to fall for.

Oh well, it’s their credits they are spending.

But to get to the point, I would hope that the object for us all, is to eventually make more money. If you follow any of the big money makers online, you should notice that the secret to accomplishing this goal is clearly visible.

  • Uncover a problem people have.
  • Research out a solution for it.
  • Show a Page leading to that solution
  • Follow Up with even more to build trust.
  • Keep a list of those you have helped.

It really is just that simple and anyone can do it.

Click Here for a Simple Example

The problem this addresses, is the endless search for more money and the frustration felt when things don’t work like you expect.

Go back and look at the ads you are running and see if you can answer the question, “What problem will this solve?” before you throw more credits at it.

Have fun!

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